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DolphinCare~Africa Encountours, Ponta do Ouro - Mozambique
00258 84 330-3859

Explore the realms of conscious interaction© with Africa's wild dolphin swim pioneer Angie Gullan, our resident marine biologist Diana Rocha & the dolfriends© of Ponta. Dolphins, since time immemorial have captured the hearts of men and woman the world over and in Ponta do Ouro the dolphins have captured our hearts too.
Within the area exists a special core of individuals whom are affectionally called dolfriends
{those that choose to socially engage with humanity}.

DolphinCare~Encountours, steered by founder Angie Gullan & a dedicated group of conservationists facilitate a dolphin interaction program that is based on a long term relationship that has been nurtured since the mid 90’s. The programs research into conscious interaction as well as the specially developed DCA Code of Conduct ensures the dolphins as a whole are not harassed. A combination of elements produce human behavior that is consistent and predictable, resulting in the dolphins knowing exactly what to expect. It is out of these human behaviors that some truly remarkable one on one encounters take place with our Dolfriends.

Encountours are structured and include pre-training snorkeling, safety & dolphin ecology workshops and three field trips to encountour dolphins in their natural habitat. Encountours directly funds the NPO DolphinCare-Africa for research & conservation projects in the area.
Field trips are lead and filmed by Angie who, has for the last 16 years has worked closely with the local population of indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins earning her titles such as the Dolphin Whisperer & Dolphin Angel.

Operations History

The 28th December 1994 marked the day inter-species relations between man and dolphin began in Ponta do Ouro. Time, seemly stood still when in the shallows of the bay a naïve and somewhat frightened 20 something city girl experienced moments of intrigue when coming face to face with creations most intelligent cetacean, the bottlenose dolphin. The complexity of their spirited existence could be heard in their chatter and the strange and penetrating sound of their sonar could be felt as they ‘read’ the shy being before them. Where they to know that this human – a being somewhat similar but in the same breath completely different to themselves would become a regular visitor to their home.

Periodic visits specifically aimed at observing this gregarious species soon saw the development of what was to be Africa’s first permanently based Dolphin Interaction and Research Center (DIRC). An initial baseline pilot study was undertaken to asses the frequency of cetaceans together with the sustainability of a dedicated marine mammal based eco-tourism project and by the late 90’s under the guidance of various institutes and marine mammal experts Dolphin EnCOuntours had developed an interactive experience that aimed at creating a safe space where both dolphin and human could interact. A comprehensively designed dolphin program encompassing the specially created dolphincare-africa in-water code of conduct and snorkeling guidelines together with in-depth information on behavior, species and other topics of interest effectively now balances science, spirit and the safety of both species.

The importance of giving back to the dolphins led the way to the establishment of DolphinCare-Africa (DCA), a small SA based npo that is now currently undergoing registration in Moçambique. Some 4000 encounters have been recorded over the years, and 30 000+ images taken, validating the organizations longterm commitment to the study of the dolphins and the effects of tourism thereon. This has contributed immensely to the establishment of the Partial Marine Protected Area that was proclaimed in July 2009; a longterm goal finally achieved thanks to the many reports and correspondence with government over the years.

To ensure our motto “for the love of dolphins” is incorporated into everything we do. To create a sustainable world for marine mammals through research, education and conservation. To operate in integrity and strive towards creating a safe environment in which inter-species relationships can be explored.

For the Love of Dolphins
Angie Gullan
DolphinCare-Africa / Encountours


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